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Best 5 Favorite AI Tools For Work

AI Tools


AI tools have revolutionized the way we handle everyday tasks, offering time-saving solutions and enhancing productivity. As an avid AI tool enthusiast and tester for ZDNET, I have integrated many of these tools into my daily workflow. In this article, I will share my top five favorite AI tools that have become invaluable companions in streamlining my work and making life easier.

What is the AI Tool?

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) was undoubtedly catalyzed by ChatGPT’s launch, but now this technology has permeated various productivity platforms, aiming to simplify your life.

AI tools have become indispensable in handling everyday tasks, leading to significant time savings. By streamlining administrative work, you can devote more time to activities you truly enjoy.

Having been a dedicated AI tool enthusiast and tester for ZDNET, I’ve seamlessly integrated many of these tools into my daily routine, even before ChatGPT’s explosion in popularity. Today, I’m thrilled to share my top AI tool picks that have become essential in my everyday workflow. Interestingly, only one of these life-hack technologies is an AI chatbot.

1. Bing Chat

Bing is Microsoft’s web search engine, and it offers various AI-powered features and capabilities in its search results. For example, Bing’s AI-powered search can provide instant answers to queries, offer relevant suggestions, and display rich information panels for certain search results.

Additionally, Microsoft has integrated AI technology into its Microsoft Teams platform, which allows for interactive conversations and collaboration among team members. While not specifically branded as “Bing Chat,” Microsoft Teams utilizes AI capabilities to enhance communication and productivity.

Finally, when I have a question about anything, I no longer turn to Google, as it inundates me with numerous search results that I need to sift through. Instead, I rely on Bing Chat, which offers a more conversational response to my queries. Moreover, if I desire additional information on the subject, I can simply click on the provided citations.

2. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a premium subscription plan offered by Canva, a popular graphic design platform. It is designed for professionals, businesses, and individuals who require advanced features and tools beyond what is available in the free version of Canva.

Canva has some incredible AI features for graphic design, including an AI image generator. From my perspective, for your visual content creation requirements, Canva Pro proves to be a superior choice compared to conventional AI image generators like DALL-E 2 or Midjourney.

I particularly love Canva Pro’s AI Background Remover, which effortlessly isolates images with just a single click and consistently delivers accurate results. This feature has been my go-to for creating stunning hero images for my articles.

An individual account membership costs $120 per year, but I believe it’s a game-changing tool that offers an array of exceptional editing features for photos, graphics, and images. Some key features of Canva Pro include Text to Image, Magic Edit, Magic Design, Magic Eraser, and Beat Sync.


If you’ve ever experienced the time-consuming and tedious task of manually transcribing a conversation, there’s great news: AI is here to assist. Whether you’re a student capturing lectures or someone regularly recording interviews, proves to be a significant time-saver.

Using, you can effortlessly import a voice recording and obtain a complete conversation transcription within minutes. This handy assistant includes speaker designations, time stamps, and delivers a remarkably accurate transcription.

The subscription cost of is $8.33 per month, granting access to unlimited imports and advanced search features. Given the significant time saved, this investment proves worthwhile for me.

While also offers a free plan, it comes with limitations. The free plan provides 300 monthly transcription minutes, limited to 30 minutes per conversation for recordings made within the platform. Additionally, free accounts receive only three lifetime imports. If you need to transcribe conversations recorded elsewhere, the free plan might not suit your needs best.

4. ChatPDF

ChatPDF, a free AI chatbot, has proven to be a life-changing tool both during my college days and now as a working professional. PDFs, often filled with complex information and jargon, can be challenging to comprehend, especially when dealing with scientific journals and research papers.

Fortunately, ChatPDF comes to the rescue by swiftly scanning PDFs and offering detailed summaries. Its ability to answer questions has been invaluable, helping me verify my findings and ensure my conclusions align accurately with the content within the PDFs. This remarkable tool has significantly improved my workflow and productivity, making it an indispensable part of my professional toolkit.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly, a tool often underestimated, goes beyond its renowned capabilities of checking spelling, grammar, and conciseness in everyday writing. While excelling in these areas, Grammarly has also embraced generative AI, incorporating new features that can streamline your daily tasks with convenient shortcuts. This versatile platform has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of productivity-enhancing tools, making it an indispensable companion for writers and professionals alike.

With the newly introduced GrammarlyGO, currently in Beta but readily accessible, you can leverage Grammarly to effortlessly create text. The tool offers a wide array of voices, each with options for formality and tone, allowing you to compose tailored messages suitable for various platforms like LinkedIn or Email.

While I primarily utilize GrammarlyGO for on-the-go text refinement, the wealth of features it offers is truly worth exploring. The best part is that it’s free and incredibly user-friendly, making it a valuable addition to your productivity toolkit.


The power of AI tools in streamlining everyday tasks cannot be understated. From Bing Chat’s conversational responses to Canva Pro’s advanced graphic design features, and from’s transcription prowess to ChatPDF’s PDF scanning capabilities, these tools offer a remarkable range of benefits. Additionally, Grammarly’s generative AI features have made it an indispensable companion for writers and professionals alike. With AI technology constantly evolving, these tools will undoubtedly continue to play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and simplifying our lives.

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